Projects Completed

Peoplewise professionals, associates and teams completed successfully, the following projects at client organisations in many industries:

  • Established a corporate academy/leadership centre for a global organisation;
  • Developed and implemented global leadership and management competencies for multi-national and local organisations;
  • Set up, supervised and managed executive coaching panels for various organisations across the globe, following the screening, evaluation and contracting of top coaches;
  • Created and implemented tiered corporate coaching and mentoring infrastructure and governance for various organisations;
  • Corporate re-engineering, mergers and business transformation projects;
  • Established and transformed various HR/people management functions at organisations;
  • Developed and implemented skill and performance management programmes for contact centre agents;
  • Tiered leadership and management development programmes at various organisations;
  • Facilitated many strategic planning sessions at organisations, where the strategic goals were also cascaded and structured to ensure successful execution;
  • Transformed organisations into high-performance and high-engagement environments;
  • Establishment, management and conclusion of various HIV/Aids and TB research projects;
  • Establishment and management of various HIV/Aids and TB clinics and infrastructure at organisations;
  • Trauma and counselling services for corporate organisations of various sizes;
  • Health sector employee support, debriefing and counselling services;
  • Assisted employees in spiritual directorship in various faiths, as required;