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5. Suffering is my choice

Emotional suffering, is a result of my interpretation (meaning), based on my own story, of things happening to me. It is thus my choice.  What??  This pain my choice? – What is happening to me might not be my choice – but my reaction to it – that is!   Everything that is coming to ...


4. My Thoughts

My thoughts are nothing else than my perception, it is highly subjective, repetitive and hardly ever really creative.     Every day of my live, things are happening around me.  I observe everything by means of my 5 senses.  And as I grow older, I have learned to understand the world, based on the meaning ...


3. My Story

As I am living my life, I accumulate a story, and I learn to believe my story is THE story.  And then because it is MY story, I get so attached to it that I think everything in my story, is the only truth.  It is NOT. As I grew older through live, day by ...


2. Attachment to my habits

My perceptions of the information coming to me through my 5 senses, control the meaning I attach to everything.  Most of this meaning is based on a habit.  I have to unlearn my habits and become aware of what is. From the day I was born, I started a process of learning.  I have learned ...



Our attachment to the physical world, creates FEAR of losing what we have. The Bible, in Genesis 1, teaches us that God created the world, the physical world.  It is therefore a creation of God, and an outflow of his LOVE. He knew we need to physical world, anything from our bodies, to the plants ...


Forgiveness is Compassion

To forgive is not easy because sometimes I feel I have total justification to judge someone else, and or judge myself. Here are two problems. Jesus said we must not judge and we have to forgive. So who is the sinner, the person who does wrong or the unforgiving judge? I had to learn that ...

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